Visual Routines & Schedules

These colorful, fun visual routines and schedules can be edited in Canva (see video for a short demo). Customize these to help young children or your kids struggling with executive functioning get ready & know what's coming up throughout the day.

  • Bright, fun schedules

    Save lots of time (breath, too!) with a visual reference. Includes daily and weekly schedules, activities list, wake up & bedtime routines.

  • Visual cues for early readers

    Use our wake up & bedtime routine clip art or add your own elements easily with Canva's free online software.

  • Customizable

    Every element in these templates is completely customizable. Change colors, fonts, clip art, times, and wording. Add or take away tasks.


Product Details

Customizable schedules and visual routines for little ones or older children with autism, ADHD, or who are working on executive functioning skills, personal care, and organization. Fully editable templates. Personalize the wording, clip art, color, and position with free Canva software.


You receive:

  • PDF with Canva template link
  • 10 editable, full color pages
  • Daily schedule, sample & blank
  • Wake up routine, sample & blank
  • Bedtime routine, sample & blank
  • Activities, sample & blank
  • Weekly schedule, Sunday & Monday start


A great, time & energy saving series of visual cues that we use at home for my 4, 7, and 9 year old (who is on the spectrum). This has saved me from repeating myself about a million times over the past year!


Please see the preview video for a guide to using this document.

  • Digital Canva template, 10 pages
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